A lot of people have already enjoyed the benefits of Paragon CRT contact lenses since it has been approved by FDA in June 2002. How does it work? This therapeutic contact lens will be worn by the patient while he/she is sleeping. During this time the cornea will be reshaped so it can momentarily correct nearsightedness and a sufficient amount of astigmatism.

Is Paragon CRT A Great Option For You

If you or your loved one experiences eye dysfunction, then Paragon CRT might be the perfect solution. This is also ideal for those who do not want to have an eye surgery. CRT Contact Lenses is the newest non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for nearsightedness. The lens can work on patients who have low to moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism. So far, FDA has not yet approved Paragon CRT for farsightedness.

There are no age restrictions in using Paragon CRT. It is proven to be successful in children 12 years old and even younger. They are appropriate for kids who are active in sports activities. CRT can also be used by people who are presbyopic. CRT will be used for distance vision and reading glasses for close vision.

Proper Care For Paragon CRT

These lenses are gas permeable (GP) and have the ability to withstand deposits. However, it does not need a lot of care compared to soft contact lenses. But proper lens care must be observed so it can work effectively. It is essential that you follow your eye care doctor’s directions before using these lenses.

You need a multi-purpose solution for cleaning and disinfecting your Paragon CRT contact lenses.
Optometrists and ophthalmologists would not recommend rinsing these lenses with tap water. This is because tap water may contain microorganisms that can cause eye infections. You should only rinse them with a multi-purpose solution or sterile saline. You should not soak these lenses with your saliva.

Be sure to see our eye doctor at Accent Eye Care to get an eye exam so you will know if you are a good candidate for Paragon CRT. They are non-surgical and does not require you to wear your contacts during the day. It is available for all ages.