Accent Eye Care New Virtual Reality Vision Therapy

Vivid Vision is the only virtual reality vision therapy solution for amblyopia and strabismus. Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy is the only Office in Northern Arizona to have this new technology.
How it works
An Oculus headset is worn which works in conjunction with a camera that tracks head movements with high accuracy.
• All while a desktop computer displays live images for controlling and viewing the head movements.
• A hand gesture controller tracks natural hand movement for hand-eye coordination tasks.
• A game controller like one used with an Xbox can be used to measure eye alignment (horizontally and vertically) and to place images where the eye normally rests, to train alignment, and in many cases, may cause one to see in 3D for the first time.

Accent Eye Care New Virtual Reality Vision Therapy
We use Cutting edge amblyopia software.
• Interactive, immersive, 3D games designed for people with amblyopia and strabismus
• A suite of state of the art vision assessments to accurately measure changes in vision.
• Comprehensive cloud data service which allows us to manage and view your progress from any browser.