Your eyesight is very important. That is why you should see the right eye doctor Phoenix. There are three types of eye doctors. These are the ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. Each of them has their own unique level of training and expertise.


An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor Phoenix who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists can diagnose and treat different types of eye diseases. At the same time, they can also perform eye surgeries and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Most ophthalmologists also participate in scientific research regarding the causes and treatments for eye diseases.


An optometrist is an eye doctor Phoenix who can provide essential vision care such as eye testing, diagnosis, treatment, correction, and other types of eye care management services. Optometrists are also qualified to prescribe and dispense eyeglasses and lenses. At the same time, they can also detect eye abnormalities, and prescribe medications for these eye dysfunctions.

Opticians are generally technicians who are well-experienced in the designs of frames, eyeglasses, and lenses. They can help you in fitting your eyewear in order to correct your visual problems. Opticians will depend on the prescriptions given by the ophthalmologists or optometrists. Since an optician is not an eye doctor Phoenix, then he/she is not allowed to do eye exams or write prescriptions. They are not also authorized to diagnose or treat eye abnormalities.

In order to protect your vision, you should see the right eye doctor Phoenix. Our vision is very important since it allows us to do a lot of things. If we don’t have proper vision, then we will not be able to drive, work, play, or read. Sometimes your vision problem is caused by other health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Most likely, if you have a family member who has an eye disease, then there is a possibility that you can also experience that eye condition as well.

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