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The Best Eye Doctor in Phoenix

Accent Eye Care is Phoenix, Arizona’s premier ocular health clinic. We’ve made a reputable name for ourselves by putting family, safety, and a love for visual health above all else. Using our advanced technology and wide variety of services we aim to change lives through your vision. Contact the best eye doctor in Phoenix today at 602.547.3255.

Comprehensive Vision Services

Primarily, we provide eye exams, testing, preventative care, foreign body removal, pediatric eye care, refractive surgery, and cataract surgery. Our optometrists are among the best eye doctors in Phoenix. They are well versed in all of our procedures and will help you find the right treatment for you. Additionally, our Phoenix office has a large selection of corrective glasses and contact lenses. We carry frames from brands like Oakley, Adidas, Hugo Boss, and more as well as multi-colored contacts for some added variety.

Great for Family Visits

Accent Eye Care focuses on delivering a family friendly experience that is inviting to all age groups. Our vision therapy program is perfect for developing visual proficiency and learning skills at a young age. Adults can also benefit from therapy like our sports regimen. Visual therapy is even known to help the recovery of trauma victims. Our goal at Accent Eye Care is to change lives through innovative eye care techniques. Contact our eye doctors to find out why we are right for your family.

State of the Art Technology

Accent Eye Care uses the latest equipment for eye tests, therapy, exams, and contact lenses. Our eye doctors have a rigorous standard of health and safety they’ll do whatever they can to maintain it. Advancements such as the Optos Daytona Plus allow them to capture nearly 82% of the eye while the GST from Haag Streit can screen for Glaucoma in less than one minute. Optometry has never been more safe, accurate, and comfortable.

Our first priority here at Accent Eye Care is the health and safety of your family. If you have any questions about our services please call our eye doctors today at 602.547.3255. They are the best in Phoenix and will help you find the perfect treatment for your family.