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  • Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
  • Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
  • Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
  • Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
  • Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology

New Sensory Performance Station and Training Eyewear

This new sensory training technology is designed to train the connections between an individual’s eyes, brain, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information to force the individual to process more efficiently. This new technology is called the Senaptec Strobe and can be integrated into most existing training drills and exercises.

Do you want you or your child to perform better? Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy will be able to provide data analytics while including comparative databases from youth to professional sports for a wide range of sports and positions. Custom comparisons can be easily made with the use of the Senaptec Sensory Station. If there is a new sport or position to our database, algorithms will combine other like sports and positions to provide you with comparable analysis.

Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology

The Performance Reports presented in a radar chart format will provide a single glance look at your overall performance. The chart provides a percentile ranking, where you can see your strengths and areas of opportunity to improve. This report also provides the improvement plan to get your path to improvement started right away.

New Virtual Reality Vision Therapy

Vivid Vision is the only virtual reality vision therapy solution for amblyopia and strabismus. Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision Therapy is the only Office in Northern Arizona to have this new technology.

How it works
An Oculus headset is worn which works in conjunction with a camera that tracks head movements with high accuracy.

Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology
  • All while a desktop computer displays live images for controlling and viewing the head movements.
  • A hand gesture controller tracks natural hand movement for hand-eye coordination tasks.
  • A game controller like one used with an Xbox can be used to measure eye alignment (horizontally and vertically) and to place images where the eye normally rests, to train alignment, and in many cases, may cause one to see in 3D for the first time.
Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology

We use Cutting edge amblyopia software.

  • Interactive, immersive, 3D games designed for people with amblyopia and strabismus
  • A suite of state of the art vision assessments to accurately measure changes in vision.
  • Comprehensive cloud data service which allows us to manage and view your progress from any browser.


The Visagraph or ReadAlyzer is a type of vision technology that analyzes the mechanics of eye movements used during reading. When we read, our eyes don’t move smoothly across the line. Instead, our eyes make a series of jumps and pauses as we read. The small jumps between words or groups of words are called saccades. The brief pause we make while looking at the words is called a fixation. If there is not continuous, fluid, simultaneous integration between these two systems (or too much time on a fixation), reading will be jerky, loss of place will be common, and comprehension will be poor.

Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology

Dr. Gong will analyze and discuss with you the eye movement pattern to determine the current reading skills and comprehension compared to the norms and what can be done to improve these skills.

Accent Eye Care is pleased to offer the world’s first marketable eye-tracking system that supports general health and wellness. With advanced protocols and testing in place, this high tech system results in the best vision possible.

What is RightEye?

RightEye is a patented system is designed to quickly and accurately detect vision and brain issues. This is not possible with standard observational only eye exams. The system uses more than 30-years of metric drivers, evidence-based science, practice to provide insights regarding your visual skill, optic health, and sports functioning.

Outcomes of RightEye Tracked Vision Test.

RightEye measures, and uncovers vision and brain health issues in a five-minute test. With this progressive, cutting-edge, procedure, it is possible to diagnose and isolate many conditions; ranging from vision acuity and reading problems to the enhancement of athletic performance. Tests can reveal:

  • Eye movements
  • Uncover health and sight conditions
  • Discover vision issues that block reading, learning
  • Observe treatment and recovery
  • Influence athletic performance
  • Identify vision strengths and weaknesses
  • Perceive early markers for Parkinson’s disease and autism

Accent Eye Care uses the RightEye system as an all-in-one answer for monitoring your eye health and related issues. The device is a laptop that creates customized, individual, personalized data in minutes. The reports are easy to read, plainly organized, and patient friendly. Our eye care professionals are certified and trained to explain the process and review your results.

Display graphics and charts condense hundreds of accumulated metric and information into digestible and understandable pieces. This will make the conversation with your eye care health professional, easy and provide treatment opportunities that are clear.
Data metrics are correlated alongside age based averages for the general population or the top athletes. This inspires a layered conversation and creates a multi-faceted bond between patient and physician. In addition, there is online access to your graphics and metrics for you to review anytime.

Accent Eye Care M-Vision Therapy Technology

Hand/Eye/Auditory Technology

Effective vision therapy is not an eye exercise or an eye muscle strengthening procedure. Rather, vision therapy is a therapeutic process that develops the neuromuscular control of the visual brain through a process that is evidenced-based on neuroscience. The research shows that patients who engage in office-based vision therapy will develop lasting improvement in their visual function.

Accent Eye Care utilizes new eye technology that is designed to improve visual abilities for a wide range of patients with learning related visual problems, sports vision enhancement, amblyopia, and traumatic brain injuries, without resorting to unnecessary eye surgery.

Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System

The Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System is a computerized interactive tool that our staff uses to improve amblyopia, eye tracking and fixating skills, heightening visual memory, and treating some strabismus cases.

Using the latest Liquid Crystal glasses technology, 100+ targets of varying size, detail and retinal disparity are presented to treat our patients with the most difficult binocular disorders. This new eye technology also eliminates the need for eye surgery in most instances.


Our office implements this comprehensive vision technology in reflecting and refracting stereoscopes, such as the synoptophore, for the diagnosis and treatment of binocular single vision (imbalanced eye muscles) and amblyopia.

Many other vision therapy alternatives…

The goal of Accent Eye Care is to provide our patients with the best eye care tech possible. We want your vision as perfect as possible and we will strive to obtain those ends. Besides using current technology to improve your eye sight, we have created a blend of various proven techniques and exercises designed to keep you or your child motivated while improving vision. Eye care tech and therapeutic activities not only help stimulate and improve ocular motor skills, but they are also designed to be fun for our patients.

Vision therapy/training is effective for….

  • Treating Amblyopia
  • Breaking Suppression
  • Improving Ocular Motor Skills
  • Improving Visual Memory
  • Improving Accommodative Facility
  • Improving some Strabismus